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Dr. William Schiro uses the Sirona ORTHOPHOS XG 3D system to take accurate scans of the mouth and jaw during dental surgery or advanced treatments. The Michigan Maxillofacial Surgery and Implant Center in Lansing, Michigan uses this cone beam 3D imaging device to provide Dr. Schiro with accurate data and crystal-clear images; then, he can create the most effective treatment plan for your specific needs. To learn more about the cone beam device, call the friendly office staff.

What is the cone beam device?

When Dr. Schiro takes X-rays of your mouth and jaw, he uses cone beam 3D imaging to capture clear and accurate digital images. Unlike a traditional CT scanner that only captures 2D images, the Sirona ORTHOPHOS XG 3D system produces panoramic 3D images.

With this device, Dr. Schiro can capture images from several angles and distances to obtain the clearest visualization of the treatment area. He can also take a series of images in one session, which means you don’t need multiple appointments just for X-rays.

Since the cone beam device zeroes in on smaller areas, you and your family members have the added benefit of less overall radiation exposure.

How does the cone beam device work?

3D cone beam technology adds flexibility and versatility to treatment planning. Dr. Schiro can capture panoramic, high-quality dental X-rays almost instantly with this device.

The device automatically positions your neck and jaw for instant imaging of the mouth and jaw. This expedited process saves you and your family time in the dentist’s chair and increases comfort during exams that require X-rays.

The Sirona ORTHOPHOS XG 3D system at Michigan Maxillofacial Surgery and Implant Center uses 3D cone beam technology to provide an implant-oriented view that Dr. Schiro uses when performing dental implant surgery. This device also integrates with CEREC solutions to provide accurate images for crown placement.

Dr. Schiro also uses the benefits of cone beam technology to take high-quality X-rays of the sinuses, bitewings, and the jaw (when evaluating TMJ symptoms).

What are the benefits of cone beam technology?

Dr. Schiro performs a range of diagnoses and treatments using the Sirona ORTHOPHOS XG 3D system. This way, you have a better chance of receiving a diagnosis or personalized treatment plan without multiple visits. With this innovative device, Dr. Schiro can:

  • Minimize radiation exposure
  • Perform a wider range of diagnoses and treatments
  • Obtain multiple, high-quality, 3D images in a single scan or set of scans
  • Choose the field of view and scanning area for utmost precision
  • Provide unmatched anatomical details to assist with treatment planning
  • Easily share 3D images with other doctors and specialists

Learn more about how Dr. Schiro uses the cone beam device to improve your quality of care by calling the friendly staff at Michigan Maxillofacial Surgery and Implant Center or schedule an appointment online.

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